Do you want a Spiritual Father? Ask God. I did.

I love coming to meet with a “father in Christ” regularly. Do you have one or two? I don’t know a better way to gain godly wisdom than from Christian sages, who love me.

They emphasize what I already know, and inform  me about what I don’t.

Sometimes I wash my hands, and I look at this humorous list from an OT scholar’s wife. Now, my mentor has written many, many scholarly books on the Old Testament, and has taught worldwide from the bible. So this list of “home rules,” I assume is from his dear wife. She often provides the treats for our hours together.

I love Willem. He is Dutch born, and is a gift from God. He teaches me from wisdom literature in the Old Testament. Although he travels to teach, he & Evona are often at Christ Church where I have to preach to them! (Pray for me, no, them.)

Do you have a “father” or a “Paul?” Do you seek wisdom? Do you want the good life? Do you want a harvest of righteousness? (Psalm 112 & 2 Corinthians 9:8-9). Ask God for a spiritual father or two.


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