“In those days I will give shepherds after My own Heart.” Jeremiah 3:15

Every generation alive in the USA has experienced their personal identity becoming increasingly disengaged from honoring old virtues to being concerned with something much more shifting and elusive. This process heightened when Boomers personal identity became increasingly associated not with the narrative of one’s private life but with the projection of one’s public image. Indeed, in the popular perception, image and authentic life were separated from each other. Great emphasis was placed on the skillful presentation of one’s “image.”

We’ve seen, by way of the sexual harassment exposure of late, how people become performers who stage their own characters and accomplishments. This is an art that often requires one to transcend the need to tell the truth in order to practice techniques of management impression, even at the cost of losing a self in order to please an image-maker or breaker.

A whole industry has now grown up to teach people how to market themselves by creating appealing and desirable images of one’s favorable identity.

In this new world, you are not someone that is; you can be someone that is constructed.

Jeremiah 3:15 is a promise to trust God for in prayers of faith; namely, that in these new covenant days we may expect God to raise up new leaders among His people.

The reason for hope is that God, truth, or reality is part of the warp and woof of who we are in His world – made in His image – however strong we may be at suppressing Him, truth, and the reality of who we truly are. I have great hope in the new prophetic leaders among the millennial age, who will disrupt spin and spinners. These new prophets in contemporary culture but not of it are also priests, who are priestly with their invitations to grace in Christ. This proclamation group of God’s excellencies will equip and lead like kings and queens a mighty kingdom of Gospel-lovers against the forces of worldliness, the war-raging attacks of our sinful natures, and the demonic powers aimed to shame people into fear and hiding. This, however, will only take place by God’s Spirit poured out in greater measures in our time.

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