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Welcome to Your Identity in Christ Blog!

IMG_1934Our identity, besides being one of the most precious things to prevent from theft, crisis, or loss, is extremely important to God. The Father has given His children an identity in Christ that will shape us on our journey to heaven. If in the process of identity formation we ignore what God says concerning our identity, then we may expect confusion in the other three seasons of spiritual formation (Calling to Christ, Intentionality for Christ, and Legacy from Christ).

My father and mother named me Robert many years ago, but my oldest grandchildren named me Papa. I am in the third season of spiritual formation; namely, Intentionality for Christ. When I sit alone in solitude with God each morning, He reminds me that He is the only one who has the authority to tell me who I am. Who does God say that you are?

This blog is dedicated to helping you embrace your true identity in Christ