I’m Going Back to My Roots

So much for this song. I exercised while it was playing and liked the tune. Actually, i haven’t analyzed it 🙂

In Luke Three there is a heap of identity concerning Jesus Christ. John the Baptist points to Him as the Christ, the Father says that He is His Beloved Son in whom He is well-pleased, and this is followed by His genealogy.

Our roots matter. Our genealogy is part of what shapes our identity. Just as knowing that we are made in His image and that we have been given gender, so Providence shapes us in a family with ancestors, ethnicity, and names.

We are not hurled by chance into the world as radical individuals, who have to choose all this. Rather, we are given names that remind us of how in God’s Providence we are part of a larger story in Redemption. God is redeeming our families for generations to come. He is faithful to our offspring; He is covenantal as He has always been; i.e. Abrahamic promise.

We are not radical individuals. We are named by our parents, and these names remind us of who we are and our roots. We are given ethnic identity. In the end every tribe and tongue shall acknowledge God’s redemption together. Do you know what your names mean? Are you secure about your ethnic identity? Can you tell about your great grandparents, grandparents, and parents enough to tell the next generation? Jesus knew what His name meant, who His ancestors were, and embraced His Jewish ethnicity.







Pentecostal Outpourings

How Do We Rest?

Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest for your souls.”  Jesus Christ

Condemnation, the pointing finger and our own self-condemnation, is the greatest hindrance to rest. What is rest? God rested on the seventh day after creating all things out of nothing, but He never slumbers nor sleeps either (Psalm 121). To rest is to enjoy satisfaction in one’s work, and one’s work cannot be accomplished without grace from God.

We work too by His grace and want to enjoy our labors like Him. In fact, He insists that we do so. What is the problem?  Jesus worked, and did all things well (Mark 7:37), yet the self-righteous conservatives were always pointing their finger at Him in condemnation. Interestingly, people who condemn others or themselves cannot rest because they are never satisfied with God’s work in and through us and others (Matthew 11:28-12:14).


We (not others), however, may be guilty of sabotaging this precious rest, which God’s insists upon in the longest of the Ten Commandments. If we continue to ignore intimacy with God and frenetically busy ourselves in our doings without resting in Jesus works of creation and providence, we shall never rest satisfied in His glorious work for and in us enough to profit from them (Isaiah 58).

How can we enjoy resting in our Gospel identity, satisfied in all the ways He is working in and through us? Spiritual discipline. At least two times a day, you can take and create sacred space. I recommend early morning and lunch time-ish. These two pictures were from my today’s two times alone with God in solitude. They wouldn’t happen if i did not practice the spiritual discipline of solitude.


These are two times to quiet your soul – the anxious thoughts and voices that threaten to rule us. It offers our spacious hearts an opportunity to pour in the Gospel once more – to rest satisfied in our being loved and accepted and pardoned and redeemed by the Only One that ever truly loved us. He is working in and through you. So, rest your soul in God alone – the God of your salvation.

Passive in the Beginnings of Identity

We are passive in receiving our identity, which is is to say what is so un-post-everything and unpopluar in our Time!

We receive our soul and life’s beginning from God. We are endowed with God’s image, and our gender. Gender is given; we are either male or female. Doctors and nurses name what is true of our health and blood type, etc. Finally, we are given a name.

478337_10151030395801320_882750470_oThis little boy is with his loving father. He was named Gideon, after the Old Testament character in the book of Judges. Names draw forth calling, and today this little boy turned four years old. He received a sword – “a sword for the Lord and for Gideon. (Judges 7:20).”

If we come to Jesus, then we receive a new identity. We are passive in receiving our new identity in the very beginning of Christian experience. We are born again by the sovereign Holy Spirit, declared righteous and forgiven in Christ, and anointed as a saint – yes, even as a warrior. Our Father in Heaven has written our new names in Heaven.