Identity in Christ Course at Grace College of New Zealand

These four sessions were given in 2015 during a preaching trip to the South Island’s Family Conference in association with Grace Presbyterian Churches near Christ Church and in the North in Auckland in two churches and a pastor’s gathering.


May these simple lectures bless you for embracing who you are in Christ, Bob

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four


Radio Interview on “Iron Sharpens Iron” for Latest Book



Click on link above for radio conversation with host Chris Arnzen.

“Iron Sharpens Iron <> ” Radio, to discuss Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival and the Reformed Tradition <>

We Rest on Thee and in Thy Name we Go

One of my Christian friends is an artist. Angel sent me a recent image of hers based on a scripture from John’s Gospel.


“This image is the next step from Abiding. It is “Rivers of Living Water” from John 7:38 It shows rivers of living water (HS) flowing through and out of us as we abide in Christ. God, the husbandman and gardener holds us in place (eternal covenant: white sling) and takes care of all things needed (providence). As we rest in Christ, we produce fruit, more fruit, and much fruit (John 15). All that we do, as we rest in Him, is a cup of living water in His name, to a lost and dying world.” Artist Angel Ambrose