About the Speaker

8631858434_19e42a10b0_zWelcome to my speaker page!

It is an honor and a joy to preach the Gospel through expository sermons from any book of the bible. When I speak in churches, I like to spend time with church leaders to encourage them in their vital work. I’ve taught the Identity in Christ course to leaders in many places. These pastors and campus ministry leaders have been leading small groups through our Identity in Christ workbooks in local church settings and college campuses. My Ph.D. in historical theology is on Jonathan Edwards’s defense of the work of the Holy Spirit in revivals.


The invitations for me to teach and preach in conferences and seminaries have also included seminars and classes on the nature of a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Jonathan Edwards, eschatology, missions, preaching, Christian history, marriage, parenting, Gospel meditation, prayer, discipleship, and other spiritual formation subjects.

Out of an Intentionality for Christ spiritual formation group at Christ Church years ago, God called me out with regard to equipping leaders outside of the West without the resources for seminary training. Since then I have taught pastors and student-leaders in Cuba, Russia, North & South India, Belize, Laos, NZ, DR Congo, Uganda, Congolese in France, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia, Croatia, and Indonesia.

Please let us know if I may serve you. My session of elders have tithed each year’s Sundays for my speaking, and we have limited them in alignment with our mission mandate; namely, to cultivate Gospel transformation.

Please feel free to contact me:

Dr. Robert Smart
Lead Pastor
Christ Church
Phone: (309) 287-7297
Email: bob@christchurchpca.org